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                                 Research Part I (Arabic)


Direct Foreign investment and it’s effect on Economic Development

Prof. Majeda Shalabi


Direct Foreign  Investment Influxes and it is Impact on the Economics of Developing Countries.

Dr. Houari Maaradj


The Foundation of investment and development of Economics.

Mr. Ali Saeed


Incentive of direct foreign  investment

 Dr. Fadel  Zahawi


The role of Islamic financial institutions on promotion of investment

                     Dr. Firas walled


Foreign Investment attraction incentives in the United Arab Emirates

Prof, . Muhammed Ahmed Zaidan-


Governance of Financial Corporations and it's role in the Investment Attraction.

Dr. Khaled Talahmeh


Investment support through Public Purchase: The Moroccan Case

Hassan Amer


The effect of foreign investment attraction and it's impotence for the Economic of States.

Dr.Bin Rujm Muhammad Khamisi


The Role and Importance of the Foreign Investment Attraction Policy in Development Support in the United Arab Emirates.

                      Dr. Muhammad Hamu



Research Part II (Arabic)

 Direction and obstacles of Foreign investment in G.C.C. States

 Dr. Zayri BelKasem


Foreign Investment Securities and Its Incentives in the Egyptian Law 

Dr. Mohammed Al- Sayyed Arafah


Some Legal Securities of Investment– the Egyptian Case

Prof . Abdul Munem Naeem 


Incentives and Securities of Investment in Sudan According to the Investment Encouragement
Law of 1999 and its Amendment
Dr. Amani Ahmed Mosa


Constitutional and Legislative Securities of Investment in Iraq.-

 Judge Mohammed Omer Mawloud

 The Legal Value of the Legislative Securities Given to the Foreign Investor.

 Dr. Tariq Kadhhim Aqil


 The Basic Measures Relating to the Encouragement and Protecting of Foreign Investment.

 Dr. Daghman Zubair Bin Al- Shareef

Compensation of the foreign investment projects as one of the legal warranties In the Law of investment in Arab States, investment agreements and Convention on the investment

of Arab capital for the year 1981 the United Arab Emirates
Dr. Humdei M.Mustfa Hassan


 The civil  liability of foreign  investor  towards the host state

  Dr. Alaa husein Moutlak


The responsibility of foreign investor for damages caused to national economy

Dr. Mathar Ali salaeh Ankaa


The Criminal responsibility of foreign investor for illegal  competition

Dr. Tamer M. Saleh

Research Part III (Arabic)

  How Appropriate The Regime of Criminal Responsibility of The Prospective Investors Is As To The Protection Of The Emirates   Stock Exchange." " A comparative Study"

 Hazem Ahmad Mutly aljamal

Assessing  the need for specialized investment courts


 Dr. Ahmad Ali al syeed  Khalil

The logistical Foundations of Economic Courts


  Slah al den Ahmad foud Hussein

 The role of judiciary and regional bilateral investment treaties in settling investment disputes

  Dr. Kameran Al salehi


Determining the Applicable law for foreign investment  contracts  disputes

   Dr, osamah M. Othman Khalil

 The Procedures of investment dispute settlement  and the alternative dispute settlement in the light  of the draft of federal investment law

Dr, Abedllah  abed alrhman al khtib


 The protection of foreign investment  according to no-contractual arbitration

 Dr. bin ALI Bin Shlah

The importance of commercial arbitration in contracts and investment  treaties

Dr. Lafi M. Dardekha

 The importance of  E- Arbitration in foreign investment

Prof. Al Moktara Amerah


 Investment dispute settlement according  to unified Arab treaty of  capital investment

Dr. Muna Hasab Al Rasol

The jurisdiction of  the international  investment dispute settlement center regarding to foreign investment  contracts

Dr. Mosleh, Ahmad Al Traonah




Research Part IV (English)

Environment of investment as bases of comparison between environment  and development

 Prof. Abdelhafid ossoukine


Infrastructure Investments and  Project Financing in Italy.

 Tommaso Vito Russo


 Legal means of  protection of investment in Muratianie

Dr. Shekh Abdellah ould Ahmed Babou


 Biliteral Agreement and protection of investment

Dr. Oudebiji  Mohamed


 The Regulation of Transnational Corporations. Some Observations from the Standpoint of Public International Law: The “Mirage” of the “New International Economic Order (NIEO)”



The Effect if Contracts in Investment: unforeseen Incidents of the Contract

 Jean-Baptiste THIERRY

The Principle of Islamic Financial System

 Dr. Tarak Baccouche

Loan with interest in legal commercial practice in west world between admissible and taboo

  Dr.GAURIER Dominique


The Role of Competition Rules in the Foreign Investment and their Influence on the Development in Future.

Dr. Mukhles Murad


The New Strategy for the Foreign Investment Attraction in Morocco – the Investment in Remote Telecommunications

 Prof. Muhammad Merani Zentari – &. Prof. Sidi Mohamed RIGAR


Obstacles hinder Foreign Direct Investment

Dr. Samah Agha 

Sovereign Wealth Funds and International Investment  A Perspective United Arab Emirates.



Encouragement of investment and it's impact of National Security: The Case of the United States and United Arab Emirates- Dr. Bashar Hikmat Malkawi


Les limites d’une analyse de l’efficacité économique du droit : l’exemple du droit du travail français



Custom and usage in International Commercial contract



Why the U.A.E. Should Continue to Pursue BILATERAL Investment  Treaties and Adopt Investor-State Arbitration in them

Stephen Blythe, Ph.D., J.D., Ph.D


Methods of Resolving Disputes Arising from Investment Issues With a Focus on “Human Rights” Law

Dr Mohammad Javad Gohari 


improving the Legal Infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa Region through Alternative Dispute Resolution      

Leila Hanafi


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