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The College of Law is one of the UAEU colleges founded upon the ministerial decree no. 39 on 15.10.1978. The College of Law has distinguished study plan that responds to the needs of UAE community and aims at developing its human resources. The College has two departments; the Department of Private Law and the Department of Public Law. Previously; the College of Law had the name of the College of Sharia & Law where it used to offer Islamic Sciences bedsides the Law study. Starting from the academic year 2003/2004; the Islamic Studies Department was transferred from the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences to the College of Sharia & Law upon the Chancellor's decree no. 186/2002, and on 11.06.2006 the Chancellor's decree no. 63/2006 modifying the name of the college to the College of Law and establishing the College of Sharia & Islamic Studies to be dedicated for the Islamic sciences' teaching.The College of Law gives the degree of Bachelor of Law whereas the student has to successfully achieve (132) credit hours.



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