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First Volume


Legal Nature of Arbitration and Its different forms

Prof. Mohammad Sami Alshawwa - Dean, College of Law, Munowfiah University

Standards of International Arbitration

Dr. Nassir Othman Mohammd Othman - College of Law, Asyut University

Arbitration as Condition & Group of Companies

Prof. Ali Sayyed Qassim - College of Law, Sharjah University – Egyptian

Arbitration in Banking Operation in Transforming Economy Countries

Dr. Mousa Khalil Mitri - Damascus University

Nature of Arbitration in Stock & Commodity market in UAE

Dr. Ahmad Abdul Tawwab - College of Law, Cairo University, Advisor with Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi

Arbitration in Build, Operate, Transfer Contracts B.O.T.

Dr. Mohammad Al Roubi - College of Law, Hilwan University – and Dubai Police Academy

International Arbitration & Keeping Economic Balance of Investment Contracts

Prof. Issam Al Qasabi - College of Law, Mansurah University

Arbitration in Administrative and BOT Contracts

Dr. Duwaib Hussain Sabir - College of Law, Asyut University

Arbitration in Administrative Contracts – Comparative study between French & Egyptian Laws

Dr. Sharif Yousif Khatir - College of Law, Mansurah University

Kuwait Judiciary Trends Towards Judicial Arbitration in Administrative Contracts

Prof. Dawood El Baz - College of Law, Kuwait University

Arbitration in Administrative Contracts – A Study in Syrian Law

Dr. Hussain Shehadah Al Hussain - University of Aleppo, Syria

Judicial Authority In Monitoring Arbitrators Awards

Judge Dr. Ghassan Rabah - College of Law, Lebanese University



Second Volume


Rules Regulating Arbitration Procedures

Prof. Abdul Hameed Al Ahdab - Advocate, Lebanon

Legal System to be Applied in the Framework of International Arbitration

Dr. Wafa' Mazyad Falhoot - College of Law, Damascus University, Syria

Law Governing Conflict in Commercial Arbitration and Impact on Non-observance by the Arbitral Tribunal

(A study in light of proposed federal law for 2006 on Arbitration of Commercial Disputes)

Prof. Okasha Mohammad Abdul Aal - Deputy chancellor, Alexandria University

Arab Legislations Stand toward Modern Trends in Arbitration with Focus on UAE Civil Procedures Law Stand and Proposed Federal Law on Arbitration

D. Ahmad Al Hawwari - College of Law, Sharjah University

Applicable Law on Arbitrated Conflict

Dr. Noor Al Hajaya - College of Law, Qatar University

Creative Role of Judiciary in Arbitration

Prof. Mahmoud Samir Al Sharqawi - College of Law, Cairo University

Extent of Judge's Authority To Intervene in Arbitration Procedures

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Al Budairat - College of Law, Jerash University –  Jordan

Forms of Temporary Measures In International Commercial Arbitration – Comparative Study with International Law

Prof. Abdul Aziz Mukhaimar Abdul Hadi - College of Law, Mansourah University

Invalidity of Arbitration Award

Prof. Ahmad Al Sayyed Al Sawi - Ex Dean, College of Law, Cairo University

The Arbitration Procedures according to the Egyptian Law and according to the Major Arbitration Rules and Systems

Prof. Ahmad Al Sayyed Al Sawi - Ex Dean, College of Law, Cairo University

Control over Invalidity Decision on Arbitration Awards

Dr. Mhueeb Me'mari - Chair, Courts of Cassation, Lebanon



Third Volume


Judiciary Authority in Control of Arbitrators Awards in the Middle East

Natali Najjar - St. Joseph University,Office of Advocate Ibrahim Najjar

Extent of The possibility of the coexistence of arbitration and appeal together

Prof. Ahmad Khalil - College of Law,  Depaartment of Private Law, UAE University

Execution of Invalid Foreign Arbitration Award in Accordance with New York Agreement of 1985 to Honor and Execute Foreign Arbitration Awards : Analytical Study

Dr. Musleh Ahmad Al Tarawneh - College of Law, Qatar University (Jordanian)

Legal Frame of Electronic Arbitration Agreement

Dr. Alaa Yousuf Alnuaimi - College of Law, Sharjah University (Irqai)

Nature & modes of arbitration with focus on Arbitration through Internet

Dr. Emadduin Almuhammad - College of Law, Damascus University

Electronic Arbitration

Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Mousa - College of Law, Tanta University

What is Electronic Arbitration & Its Procedures (Arbitration Through Internet) as a tool for e-commerce dispute resolution

Dr. Toojan Faisal Alshareed - Securities & Commodities Authority, Dubai

Validity & Necessity of Arbitration Award In Islamic Jurisprudence

Dr. Lou'ai Azmi Alghazzawi - Asst. Prof. Islamic Jurisprudence & International Law, Hebron University, Palestine

Arbitration in Sharia Standard No. (31)

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al Khuwailidi - Secretary General, International Islamic Conciliation & Arbitration Center, Dubai

Arbitration in Judicial Sentences Journal

Dr. Saaduddin Dedeche - College of Law, Islamic Studies department, UAEU



Fourth Volume


Immunity of the arbitrator

Prof. Ibrahim najjar

Multiparties and  Multicontracts  in ICC Arbitration

Dr. sami Houerbi

Transforming disputes Into value Added Profit Opportunities

Dr. Antony D Robb

International Arbitration : Selected Preliminary Topics

Prof. Giovanni Distefano

Arbitrage, La Proprieté intellectuelle

Prof. A. Lucas

Le juge Francais et  la clause Compromissoire inssérée dans le contrat  de travail international

Prof. Laurent Gamet

Final Settlement of Disputes on Existence and Effect if Arbitration Agreements under the UNCITRAL Model Law

Prof. Tatsuya  Nakamura

Procedural aspects relating to international commercial Arbitration

prof. Syed Maswood

The  Determination of Applicable Law In International  Commercial  Arbitration

Dr.  Obaid  S. Busit


Dr A. M. abdul Rub

Judicial Review of Commercial Arbitration in India

Dr. Abdul Rayees Khan

The international arbitration ACT 1974 {CTH} As foundation for International Commercial arbitration in Australia

Prof. Gabriel Moens

E-version for Alternative Dispute  Resolutions

Dr. Waala arakeb

Fair Process, Efficiency and Online Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dr. Haitham A. Haloush and Bashar H. Malkawi



Essential Judge : the Role of the Judiciary in Supervising Arbitration

Prof. Markham Ball


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