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First Volume (Arabic Volumes)


   The B.O.T Contract between private and public law and the influence  on investment polarization.

Dr. Naser Khalil  Jalal

   The constructor obligations in B.O.T Contracts.

Dr. Doweeb Hussin Saber Aabdel Atheem

  The delay fine rules in general building and constructions contracts.

Dr. Mohamed Said Al - Dosoki

 The Protection mechanisms for sponsored banks in B.O.T  essential infrastructure projects.

Dr. Sami Abdel Baki

 Settlement methods for B.O.T contracts disputes in friendly way.  Arbitration as model under the UAE Law.

Dr. Kamran Al Salhi

 Dispute resolutions in B.O.T contracts with foreign element.  

Dr. Rasha Ali Al Deen

 Towards the expansion of the constructor liability concept for construction defects.

Dr. Faroq Al Abasiry

 Release changeable orders from the engineer in the construction contracts.

Dr. Nisreen Mahasneh – College of Law – Yarmouk University – Jordan.





Second Volume  (Arabic Volumes)


The protection of architect rights under the Copy Rights Law – a comparative study.

Dr. Tareq Kathem Ageel

 The architect intellectual property disputes and its related matters.

Dr. Saleh Al Barbari

The insurance role in the building and construction contracts under the most recent legal systems and contemporary legal legislative texts .

Prof. Nazih Mohamed Sadeq Al Mahdi

 Measuring the damages in the building and construction contracts disputes under the FIDIC contracts and comparative law.

Dr. Abdul Hamid Al Najashi Abdul Hamid Al Zohairy

Cautionary procedures during the execution stage in building and construction field under the special construction regulation of Damascus city.

Prof. Mohmed Hatem Al Bayat,

Alternative disputes resolution to litigation in civil engineering construction contract.

Professor Ahmed Said Khalil,

Disputes resolutions mechanisms in FIDIC contracts.

Mohamed Mohamed Sadat

Disputes resolutions mechanisms in building and construction contracts: the negotiation as a solution and the arbitration as a resolution – comparative study between the old and the recent FIDIC contract rules.

Dr. Lafi Mohamed Dararkeh

The governmental mediation rules for disputes resolutions raising from building and construction engineering in Hong-Kong and the possibility to apply them in UAE.   .

Dr. Adel Salem Al Lozi





Third Volume ( English Volumes)


The rules of the establishment of the alternative power projects (air generators specifically) in France and the possibility of adopting them in the UAE.

Dr. Georges Cavalier

Public construction contract as an exception of the Civil Law rules.  

 Dr. Erik Geradie

The vitality construction contract provisions within the scope of the Egyptian legal system.  

Dr. Walaa Arakeeb

Profit – sharing construction contracts.   

Dr. Emrehan Inal

The partner`s right to withdraw from the civil real property companies.   

Dr. Francoise LeFichant

Plurality of contractors in the implementation of the construction contract.   

Dr. Tareq Bakouch

The liability of the bank in the real estate funding.   

Judge : Lowic Bilille

Protection of sub – contractors in construction contracts.   

Prof. Philippe Priande

A civil law perspective. Protecting the weak: party in construction and building contracts under French Law.     

Stephane Oddos

Protection of architect rights.    

Prof.  Par Fredj Loksaier

Protection of architectural innovation.      

Prof. Jean – Pierre Clavier

The no – damages – for – delay clause in construction contracts: a legal tool to avoid owner`s liability  for contractor`s damages caused by owner`s delay.  

Prof. Stephen E. Blythe

Pure economic loss relating and construction defects – a comparative analysis.    

Dr. Asanga Gunawansa

Construction rules and the environment question and the possibility of modifying the legal rules in force.  

Dr. Jean - Mark Le Masson

The right of the persons with special needs to get access to buildings under the French Law.    

Dr. Jean - Bateste Thery

Statutory regulation of the home builder and house consumer relationship in relation to low – value housing.   

Prof. Hanri Mostert

The impact of ICSID award in desert line case state`s liability for lack of security in construction contract.    

Dr. Amal Abdallah

The future of arbitration in the protection  of construction contracts investments.    

Dr. Abdallah Mohamed Al Domor

Solving disputes arising from buildings.    

Prof. Ivon Dezdavize

The resolution of construction contract payment disputes  in the western Australian construction industry  through security of payment legislation. 

Dr. Phil Evans

Construction dispute avoidance.

Prof.  Mohamed Akram shair Mohamed





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