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Conference Program


First day: Tuesday 6-10-2015

Welcome 9.30- 10.30

First Session: 10.30-12:00

The Importance of Convert to Islamic Economy
under the Local and International Changes

His excellency Dr.Abdel Wahab Abduol
Chief Justice of Federal Supreme Court

 1- The necessities of Islamic economic convert and its challenges
 Prof.Mohammad Alolama

Professor of Islamic Fiqu-Faculty of law-UAEU-Member of High scholars committee in Dubai and other Islamic committees


2- The need to create international standards to facilitate transformation toward Islamic economic
Dr. Khalid Bin Abed Al Aziz Al Janahi
Consultant at Dubai center for development of Islamic Economy

3- The phenomena of classical banks turning to Islamic banks” consequences and problems”

Mr. Thamer Ali Al Nouiran
Ph.d Islamic Economy &banking Student –Yarmouk University-Jordan

4- The converting of tradition bank to Islamic bank: theory and process of application

 Mr. Ahmed AbedAlraheem Al Mahmoud.
AlSalam Bank Chief of Islamic surveillance –Bahrain

Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al Marzouki
Maward company for finance Chief of Islamic surveillance –Dubai

First Day: Tuesday 6-10-2015

Second session: 12.00-1.30
Requirements of change towards Islamic economy

Dr. Butti Sultan Al Muhairi
The College of Law in UA E U

 1-Islamic agencies converting towards Islamic economy according to Islamic Fiqeh

Dr.Abdall bin Abdelrahman Al Bader
University of King Soud Bin Abel Aziz for health science-KS

2. The Economic &social requirements for turning into Islamic economy

Dr. Abed Alkareem Badash
College of Economic and trade & taseer-Ahmed Buqarah University-Boumerdace- Algeria

3. The requirements of converting into Islamic economy between Al mortaja & Amotah ”analytical study for the problem of gap between theory and application in Islamic economy

Dr.Okba Abed Alawi
College of economic and trade&taseer-Ahmed Buqarah University-Boumerdace-Algeria


4.The requirements of Change towards the concept of sustainable finance in the intellectual of Islamic economy

Prof. Briesh Abel  Qader
Researcher in High Trade School-Algeria Financial and economic Science

Second day: Wensday 7-10-2015
Third session: 9:00- 10:00

Legal & Islamic surveillance on Islamic economy applications

Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Al Kammaly

Director of Judicial training Institute
1. The description of central bank surveillance as a means towards Islamic Economy
Prof. Frija Housin
College of law &political Science-Al-maseela University-Algeria

2. Activating the role of the central banks in sustaining the compliance between the principles of capital Governance and Islamic rules in order to support the Islamic deed and Islamic banking
Dr.mearaj Hawari
Gerdaya University-Algeria

3. International control over Islamic banks
Dr.yaser Abel Kareem mohammed AlHourani
International Islamic Science University-Jordan
Second day: Wednesday 7/10/2015

Fourth session

Contemporary practical examples for converting towards Islamic economy: the Fact & optimism

Prof. Fatiha Mohamed Gourari
Department of Public Law Chairwoman
The College of Law in UA E U
4. Islamic banks as one contemporary practical model for converting towards Islamic economy and Gat convention challenges(Abu Dhabi Islamic bank as example)
Dr.Ibraheim Abed alla Abed Alrauf Mohammed
College of shariah and rules-tabouk University-KS

5. Islamic banking arbitration as a means to limit the dangers of converting to Islamic economy(international Islamic center for conciliation & arbitration in Dubai as an example)
Dr. Mohamed Morsi Abdo
College of Law- University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

6. Contemporary International applications regarding change towards Islamic Economy and Islamic finance the competitive of Islamic economy capitals as a model.
Dr.Fadul Abel Alkareem Mohammed Al Basheer
University of King abel Alziz-KS

Break 11.00-11.30
Second day: Wednesday 7-10-2015

Fifth session


Contemporary practical examples for converting towards Islamic economy: the Fact & optimism


Prof. Mohammad Al Olama

Professor of Islamic Fiqh
College of Law in UAEU Member of High scholars committee in Dubai and other Islamic committees

 1. “Structure for Tier One Capital Sukuk – A practical example of Shari’a structuring”
Dr. Osaid M. A. Kailani
Global Head of Shari’a - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Group
Member of AAOIFI’s Shari’a Standards Committee


2. The Connection of legal Islamic economy convert with Financial engineering: A try to invent public Islamic offers in moral stock- market.
Dr.Mohammed Al Hady Al mankuozy-
Mohammed the fifth University-Morocco


3. The cultural ground of Islamic economy improvement-Malysia as a model
Mr. Zuobir Bulihbal

baj Moktar University-Annaba-Algeria

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