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First Volume


Ijtihad Criteria in Contemporary Financial Transactions.
Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Dwihy, Principles of Fiqh Department, College of Sharia in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Need For A Contemporary Reading for the Shari'ah rules regarding the modern Financial Transactions: An Empirical Example.
Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Khalil Al-Islambouli, Islamic Institute For Research and Training, Islamic Development Bank ,Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Ijtihad Criteria In the Jurisprudence of Contemporary Financial Transactions

Dr. Abbas Albaz, Asst. Prof., Jurisprudence Fundamentals Department, College of Sharia, University of Jordan

The Effect of Islamic Shari'ah rules on Accounting premises, principles, limitations and applications: case study from Islamic banks .
Dr. Riyadh Al-Abdullah, Accounting Department, College of Economy & Political Sciences, Yarmook University, Jordan.,
Dr. Awad Khalaf he dlaf - Al Anbar university - Baghdad - Iraq .

The role of Shari'ah Boards In Islamic Banks.
Dr. Abdel Majeed Mahmood Salahin, College of Sharia, University of Jordan

Shari'ah Boards In Islamic Banks: Theory and Practice.
Dr. Riyad Mansoor Alkhulaifi, International Sharia Advisors office for Consultations, Sharia Scrutiny & Training, Kuwait.

Evaluating the Shari'ah Boards in Islamic Banks.
Dr. Abdulhaq Hmaish, Sharia & Islamic Studies College, Sharjah University

The Effect of Sharia Boards in Islamic Financial Institutions.

Sulaiman Alra’ee, Sharia Controller, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank



Second Volume


The Appropriate law for Islamic Financial transactions.
Prof. Essam El Din Mokhtar El Kasaby, College of Law, Mansoorah University, Egypt.

UAE Law of Islamic Banks: general rules and Regulations.
Abdulfattah Bayyoomi Hijazi, National Federal Council, UAE

The role of the General Council of Islamic Banks & Financial Institutions in establishing unified rules for banking transactions.
Dr. Rasha Ali Eldin Ahmad Ali, College of Law, Mansoorah University, Egypt.

The need for Shari'ah Regulatory criteria and its effects on the Islamic finance industry
Dr. Layachi Feddad, Islamic Institute for Research & Training, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah

Shari'ah Regulation by Central Bank on Islamic Financial Institutions.
Dr. Abdul Barie Mchal, Jurisprudential Consultations House.

Islamic Investment Funds
Dr. Abdulsattar Abu Ghuddah, International Islamic Jurisprudence Academy, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Islamic Stock Market in light of Islamic Shari'ah Leagues decisions: hopes and realities.
Prof. Jassim Alshamsi, College of Sharia & Law, UAE University.



Third Volume


Investment Funds: Islamic Economy Perspective.
Dr. Safwat Abdul Salam Awadalla Ali, College of Law, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

Islamic Financial Funds: Types and characteristics.
Prof. Safia Ahmad Abou Bakr, College of Commerce, Asyoot University, Egypt.

Determining the profit of Musharakah as Lump Sum
Prof. Abdalla Mabrouk Nagar, College of Sharia & Law, Alazhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

Islamic Investment Instruments.
Dr. Waleed Khalid Alshaiji, Islamic Economical Studies Office, Kuwait.

Tradable CDs : An Islamic Perspective.
Dr. Ashraf Mohammad Mohamed Dawaba, Business Administration Department, College of Commerce, Alexandria University, Egypt.

Types and Characteristics of Islamic Investment Instruments.
Dr. Nadia Amin Mohamed Aly Kamaly, Business Administration, Department, College of Commerce, Asyoot University, Egypt

Fundamental Evidences Quoted By Those Permitting Investment In the investment Certificates with Fixed Interest – Presentation & Discussion

Prof. Mahmood Abu Lail, Dr. Hassan Almarzouki, College of Sharia & Law

Islamic Financing & Investment Modes
Dr. Wahbeh Mostafa Alzuhili, College of Sharia, Damascus University, Syria.

Modern Transactions Contracts – Bank Cards as a Model
Prof. Abdulwahhab Abu Sulaiman, Senior Ulama Council, Saudi Arabia

Proposed Alternatives for Reba In Large Debts.

Prof. Mohd. Mahroos Almudarris, College of Heritage, Baghdad University, Iraq.

Lease-Purchase in man-made law and Islamic Shari'ah.
Prof. Ibrahim Eldesouky Abou Eleil, College of Law, Kuwait University, Kuwait.



Fourth Volume


Musharakah as a Financing tool In Islamic Financial Institutions.
Dr. Ashoor Abduljawwad Abdulhameed, Commercial Law Dept., College of Law, Bani Suwaif, Egypt.

Contemporary application of Tawarroq.
Dr. Emad Barakat, Economy & Islamic Banks Dept., Yarmook University, Jordan.

Economic Effects of Banking Tawarroq
Dr. Abdullah Ben Sulaiman Ben Abdulaziz Albahooth, Economy & Admin. Sciences Dept., College of Sharia, Riyad, Alimam Mohammad Ben Saood Islamic University, Saudi Arabia.

Financing Between Inah & Tawarroq
Dr. Abdulleh Ebrahim Al Moosa, College of Sharia & Islamic Studies, Ihsaa’, Saudi Arabia

Aspects and Prospects of Islamic Financial Institutions : the Perspective of some German Academicians.
Dr. Salah Mohamed Ali Zenelden, College of Law, Tanta University, Egypt.

Constructing Islamic Stock Market Indexes within the Global Financial Markets.
Prof. Hanan Ibrahim Elnaggar, Management and Financial Higher Studies College, Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Jordan.

The Experience of Islamic Finance In Western Financial Institutions
Dr. Nezam Alyaqooby, Kingdom of Bahrain.

International Commodities Murabaha
Dr. Mohammad Abdulhaleem Omar, Saleh Kamel Centre for Islamic Economy, Alazhar University, Egypt.

Organizing the relations between Islamic Banks and both of Central Banks and Conventional banks.
Prof. Abdulhameed Elba’ly, Supreme Consultative Committee for completion of the application of Islamic Sharia stipulations.

International Commodities Murabaha.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Alqirri, Islamic Economy Research Centre, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah.

Coexistence Prospects Between Traditional & Islamic Banks: Malaysia Experiment as a Model.

Prof. Qutob Mustafa Sano, International Institute for Islamic Nation Unity, Malaysia



Fifth Volume


The Venture Capital: Proposed Cooperation Strategy between Islamic Banks.
Dr. Mohammad Abdu Moustafa, Department of Business Administration, College of Business and Economics , UAE University.

The effect of Globalization on Islamic Banks.
Dr. Ala’uddin Za’atari, Alshaikh Ahmad Kaftaroo Complex, Damscus, Syria

The Performance of Islamic Financial Institutions In Globalization Era
Dr. Walid Hweimel Awajan, Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Legal Graduate Studies College, Jordan.

The Problem of Overdue in Islamic banks
Dr. Ibrahim Abdelrazik Mourcy Elkholi, College of Sharia & Law, Alazhar University, Egypt

The Effects of Financial Services Deregulation on Islamic Banks.
Dr. Mohammad Safwat Qabil, Department of Economics, College of Commerce, Munowfiah University, Egypt.

The Future Of Islamic Banking Industry Under International Challenges.
Dr. Majidah Ahmad Shalaby, Economics Department, College of Law, Zaqaziq University, Egypt.

The Islamic Banking and the Important contemporary Challenges

Dr. Abdulaziz Shaker AL Kubaisi, Associate Porfessor, Islamic Studies, UAE University

Banking Law

Executive Bylaw

Bank Interests from the Perspective of UAE Federal Supreme Court.

By: Judge: Mr. Abdulwahab Abdool, Chairman, Federal Supreme Court

Bank Interests from the Perspective of UAE Federal Supreme Court: a Technical Report

Prof. Ahmad Shawqi Mahmood, College  of Sharia & Law, UAE University




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