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Research Title Author Name Download
Bourse: Dream & Nightmare Dr. Shawqi Ahmed Donia

The Economic Functions of Stock Markets Prof. Mohamed Bin Ali El-Okla

Banking Securitization for Debts, Practice an Legal Fame Dr. Hussin Fathi Othman

The Administrative Supervision Stock Markets Dr. Maged Rageb Al-Holo

Negotiable Securities in Markets and Bourses Prof. Nazih Mohamed Al-Mahdi


The Legal System for the Supervision on Portfolios and Investment Funds Showing the Kuwait Experience Dr. Khaled Saad Zaglol Helmi

Structural Challenges Facing Bourses in Gulf Area Dr. Jasem Hussin

Future Horizon for the Arabic Stock Market Performance Under the Economic Globalization Dr. Yasser Mohamed Gad Allah and Dr. Sayed Ibrahim Abd el-Fadeel

Development of the Egyptian Stock Market Performance in the Light of the International Trend & the Standards of Companies Governance and the Activation of Securitization Dr. Magda Ahmed Shalabi

Arbitration in Disputes Resulting from Trading with securities & Commodities under UAE Law Consultant Dr. Magdi Ibrahim Kasem

Activation of the Arabic Bourses Integration for the Support of Dr. Gaber Mohamed Mohamed

Research Title Author Name Download
Functions of Stock Markets and its Role in the Emerging Stock Market “Egyptian Stock Market as a Case” Dr. Salah Mohamed Zian

Methods of Administration in Supervision on Stock Market Dr. Khalifa Thamer Al-Hameda

Comments on the Legal System of Arbitration in Doha Stock Market Dr. Mosleh Ahmed Al-tarawneh

Bourse and Shares (a Legal & Islamic Study) Dr. Abd el-Salam Figo

Right of Shareholders in Supervision on the Management of the Company (under the UAE Commercial Companies Law) Prof. Hammad Mostafa Azab


Securitization as a Means of Development of Egyptian Bourse Dr. Mohamed A. Badawy

Rules of Electronic Negotiation in Stock Markets and Views on its Islamic Evidences Dr. Mohamed El-Sehibani and Dr. Abd Allah El-Omrani

The Relation Between the Added Economic Value and the Return of Shares Dr. Ashraf Al-Sharkawi

Stock Market Transactions “A Comparative Study Between the Egyptian and the French Laws” Dr. Sayed Taha Badawy

Stock Markets (Bourses) from Islamic & Legal Perspective Prof. Mohamed Mahros Al-Athami

Stock Markets and Bourses from Islamic & Legal Perspective Dr. Sayed Hasan Abd- Alllah


Research Title Author Name Download
Shares & Bonds: View and Rules Dr. Ahmed bin Abd el-Aziz El-Hadad

Allowed & Prohibited Shares Dr. Saad Bin Torki Al-Kathalan

The Legal and Illegal Shares and their Role in Making a Contemporary  and Comprehensive Economic Progress

Prof. Yassien Mohamed Al Ghadi

Bonds from Islamic Perspective Dr. Abd Allah Bin Mohamed El-Omrani

The Development Bonds from an Islamic Prospectives Prof. Mahmoud  Ahmed Abu Lail


Shares & Bonds Zakat Dr. Yousif bin Abdel Aziz Al-akl

The Financial Derivatives sin the Islamic View Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Dawaba

Islamic Rules Resulting on the Prohibition of Loan Bonds Dr. Salem Bin Hamza Madani

The Applicable Law on the Legal Relations Relating to the International Stock Markets Dr. Mostafa Yassin Al-Asbahi

The Legal Rules Regulating the Issuance of Bonds Under Oman Company Law Dr. Adel Ali Al-Megdadi

Stock Markets During the Last Centuries “their Religions Rules” Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Khalef Al-momni

The Legal Organization of the Kuwait Stock Market Dr. Fatima Deshti


Research Title Author Name Download
Standards & Criterions Governing the Mixed Companies According to Islamic Religion Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ahmed El-Shal

The Rule of Participation in Mixed Companies Dr. Ahmed Bin Naser El-Kamedi

The Rule of Profit Resulting from Participation in Companies have a Doubt about Disposing & Ownership Dr. Abbas Ahmed El-Baz

The Islamic Rule about the Ownership of Shares & the Purifying the Shares of Mixed Companies Dr. Esam Abo El-Nasr

In Case of Circulation of Mixed Shares Dr. Abd el-Haq Homiesh


Speculation on Shares before the Company Starts its Activity  Dr. Fahd Ben Abdulrahman

Payment of Joint Stock Companies Zakat of Shares on Behalf of Shareholders, a study of Analysis in the Light of Islamic Provision Mr. Waleed Mostafa Shawesh

Islamic Investment Funds : its Definition, Characteristics and Rules Prof. Abd Al Majeed Al Salaheen

The  Obligation of the Bank to Administrate the Deposited Securities   Prof. Faek Mahmoud M. Al Shammaa

Islamic Speculation Instruments Dr. Qutaiba Abd el-Rahman Al-Ani

“Constitution of an Ideal Investment Portfolio“ with an Application on an Insurance Company Working in Egypt Prof. Safia Ahmed Abu Baker

Islamic Finance Engineering, its rule in Establishment & Development of Islamic Stock Market & Providing it with Islamic Finance Tools Mr. Abd el-Kareem Ahmed Qandouz

Research Title Author Name Download
Rules of Transparency & Disclosure and Persons who are obliged to apply them in Stock Markets “Legal Study” Prof. Saleh Ahmed Saleh Al-Berbari

Speculation & Playing with Prices in Stock Markets “a Competitive Legal Study” Prof. Saleh Ahmed Saleh Al-Berbari

Stock Marts and Use of the Inside Information by Insiders “A Comparative Legal Study”. Prof. Saleh Ahmed Saleh Al-Berbari

Transparency and Disclosure and the Influence on thee Qualification of the Stock Market, with Application on Kuwaiti Stock Market Dr. Safout Abdelsalam Awad Allah

Foreign Speculation in Emerging Stock Markets, with Application on the Egyptian Stock Market Dr. Hesham Mohamed Farag


Analysis of Stock Markets Dr. Nadia Ameen M. Ali

The Future of Commodities from Islamic Perspective Dr. Kamal Tawfiq Hattab

Investment Funds “A study & Analysis” Dr. Waleed Howamel Ojan

The Islamic Rule about Negotiation of New Established Companies'  Shares Dr. Ahmed Ben Mohamed Al Khaleel

Issuance of Instruments and the Required Conditions in the Issuers: a Vision about the Method of Drafting Conditions Prof. Qoutb Moustafa Sano

Stock Markets and Bourses, Cases and Applications Dr. Al Ayashi Faddad

Crime of Fraud in the Negotiation of Shares in the Comparative Law and the Islamic Doctrine Dr. Abu Al Wafa Mohamed Abu Al Wafa


Research Title Author Name Download
Saudi Stock Market Crash Was Predictable

Dr. Monzurul Hoque

The Constitutionality of Settlement Disputes Arising from the Trading of Securities by Arbitration under the Egyptian and the UAE Laws

Dr. Belal A. Badawy

The Sale of Dept: An Islamic Inquiry Through a Comparative Approach

Dr. hanan Belal

Shari’ah Issues in Short Selling as Implemented in the Islamic Capital Market in Malaysia

Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki

The Role of Information in Shaping up Stock markets Prices at Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)

Dr. Ali Hussain Mejabla


Can Electronic Markets Be Too Transparent?

Dr. Laura Tuttle

Empirical Evidence of Herding Behavior in the Saudi Stock Market

Dr. Ahmad Badawi

Shariah Approved Securities Screening Process in Malaysia

Dr. Mohammad Akram

Capital Market in Islamic Framework: Malaysian Experience

Dr. Akhtarzaite Abdul Aziz

Selling Securities of Non-U.S. Companies In The U.S. Capital Markets

Terms and Conditions of Listing of Untied Arab Emirates and Other Non-U.S. Companies On The United States Stock Exchanges

Dr. Thomas J. Whalen,

Dr. Anil Khosla and

Dr. Briar L. McNutt

Common Shares Performance Evaluation

Mohamad Al Shyab