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First Volume


Legislative and judicial side in GCC countries and its role in supporting E-transactions.

Dr Suleiman bin Mohammed Sheddi - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Information Technology Law in Lebanon

Gisèle ZOUEIN - Lawyer - Lebanon

The electronic unified form in administrative decisions

prof. Aad  Hammoud Al Qaisi - Professor and Chairman, Department of Public Law Police Academy Dubai

The electronic administrative decision as one of the applications of e-government

Dr. Alaa Abu Mustafa Mohiuddin Ahmad - Instructor, Faculty of Law, Helwan University - Egypt

Electronic publication and intellectual property rights

Prof. Ibrahim Desouki Abu Liel  - Collegeg of Law - University of Kuwait

Concluding of e-contract

Prof. Nazih Mohammed Sadiq al-Mahdi - College of Law - Cairo University

Electronic contracting: legal and juristic study in light of the UAE transactions law and electronic commerce

Dr. Abdullah Rababaa – College  of Sharia - Irbid - Yarmouk University

Electronic Majlis Al-Aqd (Meeting Place)

Tarek Kazem AGIL - Faculty of Law - University of Dhi Qar, Iraq

Time and place of e-contract in the UAE Legislation

Dr.Ali Hadi Al Obeidi - College of Law - Al-Ain University of Science and Technology - Al Ain



Second Volume


Electronic agent: its concept and legal nature

Dr. Alaa - Yaqub al-Naimi College of Law - University of Sharjah. Sharjah

The future of the freedom of proof in commercial transactions

Prof. Hani Diwidar- Dean of the College  of Law - Beirut Arab University

Authenticity of electronic signature and the civil allegation about its forgery - A comparative study of the of French and Egyptian laws and the UAE and Oman

DR.Osama El-Ruby - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat

Authenticity of e-messages sent by Mobile Phones in proving contracting

Dr. Zaid Aqaileh, Associate Professor of Civil law, College of  Law – UAE University

Authenticity of foreign ratification certificates

Dr. Tariq Kamil - Arab-American University- Palestine

The nature of liability in terms of the ratification service provider in the Federal Law No. 1 of 2006

Dr. Kamran Al-Salhi – College  of Law – UAE University

The role of the written evidence in proving financial transactions

Al salheen Mohammed Abu Bakr Alayesh – University of Garyounis - Libya

Electronic Mediation

Dr. Tariq Baccouch - Assistant Professor of Private Law - Faculty of Imam Malik, the Sharia law in Dubai

Crimes of electronic payment cards through internet

Dr. Amjad Hamdan Juhani - Elimination Chamber - Abu Dhabi

Civil liability of a fault in the transactions which are made through e-means

Dr. Mohammed Hatem Al biat – College of Law - University of Qatar



Third Volume


The scope of the UAE Federal E-Commerce Law: is it self defeating?

Mr. Yasser Omar

Evidentiary value of electronic transactions

Dr.Mohammed Zaheeruddin

Electronic  Commerce legal framework: some lessons from Malaysia

Prof. Abu Bakar Munir & Siti Hajar Mohd. Yasin

Electronic Transactions Order, 2000 Brunie

Dr. Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi

The concept and legal aspects of E-movement: the United Arab Emirates perspective

Prof. Syed Maswood

Multicultural challenges and barriers in E-government Enabled Canada

Ms. Noelly Tamez

Mr. Saleh Al-Sharieh
La responsabilité des prestataires de l'Internet : l'exemple des sites contributifs (F)

Prof.  Pierre Sirinelli

Electronic advertisement and discussion of the view of the European Union Court (F)

Prof. John Claver Pierre

Copyright and innovation in the digital age: The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Prof. Brian Fitzgerald & Mr. Rami Olwan

The Conflicts between trademarks and domain names in Arab countries – a comparative study

Mr. Ziad Maraga

Combating Criminal Activities Threatening Electronic Commerce

Dr. Rizgar Mohammed Kadir




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